10 Travel Tips to Enjoy a Safe Vacation

10 Travel Tips for a Safe Vacation

For nearly half of Americans, summertime is vacation time. But, before we load up the car or board that flight, it is important to take steps to prepare for a safe trip. Here are our top ten tips to make your next vacation a safe one.

1.      Copy passport and IDs

This is tip number one for a reason. If you lose your passport or other forms of identification, nothing short of the local police station or US embassy will be able to assist you. Make copies of each and keep them in separate, but secure locations during your travels.

2.      Avoid public Wi-fi

Whether you want to post that great landscape photo you just snapped or to simply check-in with your office, it is tempting to jump on the nearest Wi-fi. But, public Wi-fi opens you and your device up to those waiting to steal your personal information. If you must use public Wi-fi, sign up for a private VPN service to encrypt your data and protect personal identifiable information.

3.      Don’t overshare your travels

Speaking of posting great photography skills online, be careful when and how often you post travel information social media. Tagging when and where a post was generated advertises to thieves you are not at home. Your best bet is to wait until you return home before uploading any vacation related posts.

4.      Leave your itinerary and contact information

From an unfathomable circumstance to simply getting lost, someone back home who knows your travel plans can alert authorities if you’ve been out of contact for too long.

5.      Save emergency numbers

Quick, what is the number for 911… in Japan? Write down and keep handy local emergency numbers in case trouble arises. Cell phones on the GSM network (about 80% of the world) will redirect dialing 112 to local emergency services.

6.      Blend in with the crowd

Before traveling, research your destination’s everyday attire. Try to blend in with the crowd to avoid the potential of becoming a target for theft. For example, a Floridian traveling in Athens, Greece, will surely stick out from the crowd.

7.      Don’t flash wealth

Just as you don’t want to look like a wandering tourist, neither should you flaunt your wealth. Flashy jewelry and visible displays of cash draw the attention of thieves and, in some cultures, may be considered rude.